An extremely sad day for us...




Kamohele´s Dream Girl Malaika

from 2009-07-16   to  2022-05-19




 We miss her so much...


Today our African Dreams are going to celebrate their 9th birthday!


While Malaika gives her warmest smile to her children, Kito was extremely happy with his birthday cake. 


Our best wishes to all our African Dreams!




           Our Grand Lady celebrates her 12th birthday!


And i am extremely happy that she is still the

leader of our pack.






Happy birthday Siri!


Today we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our

beautiful young lady. 

2020-10-16:  Today our African Dreams are eight years old. Best wishes from us, Kito already enjoyed his delicious birth-

                        day cake. :-)








Happy birthday Malaika!



Today we celebrate the 11th birthday of our Dream Girl Malaika.

2020-06-12:   There are some new pictures of our girl Siri in the gallery. She has developed in a beautiful young lady. :-)

2020-05-25:                                             Happy birthday Siri!


                        Today we celebrate the second birthday of our youngster Siri. Enjoy your birthday-cake! :-)

2020-05-24:  Our Siri, two years young