Our Grand Lady celebrates her 12th birthday!


And i am extremely happy that she is still the

leader of our pack.






Happy birthday Siri!


Today we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our

beautiful young lady. 

2020-10-16:  Today our African Dreams are eight years old. Best wishes from us, Kito already enjoyed his delicious birth-

                        day cake. :-)








Happy birthday Malaika!



Today we celebrate the 11th birthday of our Dream Girl Malaika.

2020-06-12:   There are some new pictures of our girl Siri in the gallery. She has developed in a beautiful young lady. :-)

2020-05-25:                                             Happy birthday Siri!


                        Today we celebrate the second birthday of our youngster Siri. Enjoy your birthday-cake! :-)

2020-05-24:  Our Siri, two years young