2024-05-09:         Muna has passed the breeding examination!


My princess Muna has passed the breeding examination of the Austrian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club today. I am so proud of her!

2024-02-25: It´s time for an update...


There is good news to report - Muna has, as expected, excellent x-ray-results, which can be read at "Our dogs - Muna".


At the beginning of december 2023 i showed her the first time at the international dog show in Wels in the youth class. She did it very well and ended up in second place.


Muna has a brand new photo-gallery - to find under "Photo Gallery - Muna".



Happy birthday African Dreams!


It´s incredible, Kito and his siblings celebrates

their 11th birthday today.


We wish each and everyone the best and many more



Of course we also think about all our dear African Dreams, who already have changed to the land 

over the rainbow. You will not be forgotten.






I am so proud of my slovakian princess Muna. Today she has passed the - in german called - BH-Prüfung (companion dog-examination) with excellent results. Like all my dogs before she has never visited a dog school before and so i am extremely happy with her top performance!





Again a happy day for us. Today we celebrate the


first birthday


of our "little" princess Muna!


All the best for you, my sweet sunshine!



After a series of unfortunate events we have a reason to celebrate - our beloved Siri is 5 years young!


All the best to you and keep your sunny mind!



Uzima African Dream Themba

2012-10-16   till   2023-01-19


...and we received the next extremely sad message. The new year starts as crappy as the last year ended...

Exactly one month after Razi our beloved boy Themba followed absolutely unexpected his parents and siblings to the land over the rainbow. My deepest thanks to Andrea and Hannes for all the love you gave to him during the years and also for our friendship. My thoughts are with you...


Uzima African Dream Raziel

2012-10-16  till  2022-12-19


...another extremely sad day for us, what a crappy year... Today our beloved boy Razi passed away. My thoughts are with Erich and his family. My special thanks to Erich, who created such a beautiful life for and together with Razi. Erich without his boy Razi... unthinkable. They were a very special team, until the last breath...


Uzima African Dream Kyara

2012-10-16 till 2022-11-07

I received the next sad message. Our beloved Mrs. Pink passed away yesterday. My thoughts are with Herbert and his family and i want to thank them for their love and care they gave to her during the last ten years. 





All the best to our dear African Dreams - 

today they are going to celebrate their


10th birthday!


Of course our thoughts are also with those who are

following their families from the other side of the rainbow...


Uzima African Dream Asaja

2012-10-16 till 2022-09-29


Today i received the extremely sad message, that our beloved Asaja from our African Dream-litter passed away yesterday, only a few days before her 10th birthday. I want to thank her family for all the love and care they gave to her during the years and also for our friendship. 


2022-09-18:                                                   Welcome Muna!


                      Today i proudly present the new member of our family "Brilliant Muna of RidgeLove". Special thanks to

                       her breeder Henrieta Szabova for this little sunshine. 

Of course we are really happy to have Muna here but it´s also very sad, that our Malaika was not allowed to experience her arrival. But Siri enjoys her new role as Nanny, while Kito ignores her completely at the moment. We look forward to our time together!





An extremely sad day for us...




Kamohele´s Dream Girl Malaika

from 2009-07-16   to  2022-05-19




 We miss her so much...


Today our African Dreams are going to celebrate their 9th birthday!


While Malaika gives her warmest smile to her children, Kito was extremely happy with his birthday cake. 


Our best wishes to all our African Dreams!




           Our Grand Lady celebrates her 12th birthday!


And i am extremely happy that she is still the

leader of our pack.






Happy birthday Siri!


Today we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our

beautiful young lady. 

2020-10-16:  Today our African Dreams are eight years old. Best wishes from us, Kito already enjoyed his delicious birth-

                        day cake. :-)








Happy birthday Malaika!



Today we celebrate the 11th birthday of our Dream Girl Malaika.

2020-06-12:   There are some new pictures of our girl Siri in the gallery. She has developed in a beautiful young lady. :-)

2020-05-25:                                             Happy birthday Siri!


                        Today we celebrate the second birthday of our youngster Siri. Enjoy your birthday-cake! :-)

2020-05-24:  Our Siri, two years young