Uzima African Dream Djuma


Studbook:                            ÖHZB RHR 1338

Date of birth:                       2012-10-16

Date of death:                      2018-02-04 


Sire:         CH Merigal´s Runako Tsavo

                                     HD-/ED-/OCD-/LTV- free and also free of spondylosis

Dam:        Kamohele´s Dream Girl Malaika

                                     HD-/ED-/OCD-/LTV- free and also free of spondylosis


Colour, white marks:          red wheaten with a white mark on the chest


Shoulder height:                                           67,5 cm

Weight:                                                           42 kg

HD:                                                                  A            (free)

ED:                                                                   0             (free)

OCD (shoulder and elbow):                         free

LTV:                                                                  Type 0  (free)

Spondylosis:                                                   free


Dentition:                              full dentition, scissor bite 


Heart:                                     A+++

                                                complete cardio-check including

                                                sonography and electrocardiogram

                                                without any findings




Djuma is one of our puppies (Litter A). He returned back home at the end of 2015 because of very bad keeping. The name "Djuma" is a thing of his past -  in

                                                                                                         the meantime he is doing very well and i have decided to call him Bakari, which

                                                                                                         comes from the Swahili and means "one who will have success".


                                                                                                         Because of his multicrowns he is not available at stud. 



Bakari passed away at the 4th of february 2018 (details see "News" 2018-02-17).  We miss him so much...